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heroes_bigboom's Journal

Heroes Big Boom Challenge
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Heroes Fanfic Challenge
This is the Big Boom challenge for Heroes, Heroes RPS, and Heroes crossovers. It's based on the spn_j2_bigbang and svbigbang challenges, but with a few twists and turns, as befits our show.

The goal of the challenge for writers is to write a 10,000+ word Heroes, Heroes RPS, or Heroes crossovers novella. Artists and vidders will create an accompanying piece of artwork or trailer vid to go along with the story.

All stories will be posted to the individual author/artist/vidder's journal or site, with a master list of links and summaries posted here at the community.

Round Five Links:
Writer Sign ups and rules are HERE
Artist/Vidder Sign ups and rules are HERE.

Important deadlines for Round Five.
Sign ups start - June 3rd
Writers must sign up by - July 3rd
Writers Checkpoint #1 - July 8th
Writers Checkpoint #2 - August 12th
First drafts will be due September 1st.
Artists and vidders must sign up by September 3rd
Claims post goes up - September 3rd
Artist Checkpoint - September 23rd
Final drafts and art/vids are due by October 9th.
Posting starts October 14th.

Round Five mod is: chosenfire28

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